Introduction to Spirit of Gaia Aromatherapy Works

 & Healing Sanctuary

The name Gai​a in many cultures, quite simply refers to Mother Nature, in all Her glory and all Her fury. ​Gaia is the ancestral Mother of all Life: the Primal Mother Earth Goddess.  Her Healing energies in conjunction to Universal energies can be felt all around us.


    Products& Services:

At The Healing Sanctuary:

We offer Certified Reiki Training Classes, Reiki Healing Sessions, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healings, Officating Ceremonies, House Clearings and Blessings and Blessing Ceremonies.

 Guided Meditations, Drumming Circles, Full Moon Women's Circles are  available in class format periodically. Class Schedules will be posted here under Events, EventBrite, and Face Book Events. Guided Meditations and Drumming Circles for private groups offered by request (group minimum of 8 persons).

For Healing & Product appointments or to book a private group class please contact me at: [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: Physical location Healing sessions and or products for purchase by appointment only at our

Sanctuary.  Address will be provided at time of appointment or event posting upon confirmation of RSVP for serious inquiries only. Some of our products are also available  here at the Sanctuary.  

In addition to our services, the following products below are available.


Spirit of Gaia Aromatherapy Works Products:

*Pet Health & Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only for us, but they can be a powerful integral part of healing your pets too.

Using my Chakra blends on your pets, can help heal and soothe their spirit, and help them physically.

Special custom blends are also available for specific areas and conditions upon request.

Please contact me through my web site for these and other items.

Blessings & Love upon our furry babies & all.


*Aroma Diffuser Jewelry

Always one of a kind and individually hand made with the purest intent and energies. Using natural stones, elements, and crystals attributed to certain energies, wearing these pieces will surely lift your spirits and promote healing and well-being. And what better way to utilize your Essential Oil Solids or Liquids.  This eliminates any skin sensitivity to Essential Oils.

Simply put a few drops of your favorite Liquid Essential Oil, or rub your favorite Spirit of Gaia Solid on the pad inside the locket for a long lasting aromatherapy effect.


*Seven Sacred Chakras

 Liquid Essential Oils are now available. Each 10ml roller bottle is sold individually, or you can purchase a set of all Seven Sacred Chakra Oils. The set comes in a wooden box and includes a chart. 


*Magickal Blends

We have a line up of Special Magickal Blends of pure Essential oils, or Spirit of Gaia will be happy to make up a custom blend for you upon request. Using intuitive skills, I can help you find the right blend for you personally. 

Always blended with the purest intent and energies.


*Chakra Stone Kits

Available are semi-precious polished stones with or without engraving to correspond to the Sacred Seven Chakras. Use with or without the Sacred Seven Oils. They come in a beautiful velvet purple draw string pouch.


*Zodiac Essential Oil Blends

One for each of the 12 Astrological Sun Signs. 10ml roller bottles are sold individually.


*Natural & Organic Skin Care

Now offering all Natural and Organic Suntain Oil with an SPF of 30, Facial Serum and incredibly delicious Lip Balms. 

Protect and Nourish your skin Naturally. 



In addition to my Aroma Diffuser Locket Jewelry pieces, offered are unique hand crafted earrings, and 925 Sterling Silver Semi Precious Rings are also available. All Spirit of Gaia jewelry pieces are hand crafted using semi precious stones, crystals, beads, 925 Sterling Silver and Mixed Metals. 

Smudging Tools, Crystals, Gemstones, Wands, Spheres, Books, and various hand rolled Incense.


 Spirit of Gaia products are truly incredible, beautiful, unique, and full of positive energies.


For purchasIng on line  visit


I hope you will enjoy all of the products offered, and thank you for stopping by.